*book review* New York actually by Sarah Morgan

This book is a slow burn romance had me at the edge of my seat and very cute. But I’ll go more into that later.

Cover: this cover is very nice easily in touristy way with that New York feel and the color sceam let’s you know it’s a romance or so. 3.75/5 I would of probably rated it higher if had people on the cover since I enjoy that more.

What the book is about is

The book follows though molly and Daniel which I always love dual pov romances just each chapter at first gotta see whose mind your in.

Story: the story to this was well done very cute like the guy ways he does to meet someone is cute in its own way and funny. Also loved the thru out the stories and just started another book in this series has a ton of dog scenes which already gets a A+ in my mind to my fav animal. And like how at the start the 2 really get along but it’s not overly rushed at all even if right away instant love or of sorts. Last but not least that has me starting to love the series the side characters are very well done and in own way with this book a joke how people know each other and had me cracking up.

Writing: the flow of this story is a slow burn but the chemistry of the 2 is off the hook. So starts at start sooo slow on meeting but what I like about this book unlike many other romances it’s had it’s drama spots at different sections than say last 75-85% which you don’t see as often so shows the couple can actually get thru some fights and still work out and that rarely happens. After first half flow turns great. The romance aspect stayed more pg 13 than hot steamy romance of compared my past few reads even if fast can look past it since loved the story plot so much.

Feels: this book did it all with the Mc’s to the dang dogs ❤️❤️❤️❤️. Slowly the change of one Mc. As said above some of the side characters are so awesome you wished you had them as friends. And each character you route for it’s so hard not to.

World: this world I can relate to so much since it’s all based in New York which I live near and go a lot so a lot of this book takes place in Central Park so of course have idea where maybe they are and I love that to no end. And just dogs mentioned a lot and dog clinics makes me want to be in the city right now at the places they are at. And adds of our lives like social media but not to much but a additive

Overall grade: this has to be one of my fav romances this year. It’s at the top with my fav half night stand by Christina lauren the story plot of the 2 characters and sides to all the dog banter and with them is cute. And added fights that actually can happen and get mad about but finally over looked had me turning pages as fast as I could 5/5.

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