Good reads Monday 9-21-2020

Today is Monday know what that means?

The day you post about a book that’s been sitting in your tbr for awhile or deserves attention and this week my book is pretty far into a series. I love the series and it’s insanely popular my issue I get burnt out always halfway thru this book. The book has fay and witches and few different supernatural beings and a old queen that’s been long lost I think you can start get a idea what book this is if not another hint her other series has the word wingspan to describe something so with further a do my book this week is

Iv finished this book once but by the time tower of dawn came out I’ve forgotten what has happened in the series. So I want to get past this plus this ending is so cliffy and I haven’t read past so been sitting on years on that ending.

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There is nothing better than a great cup of coffee and an even better book.

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