WWW 10-7-20

It’s that day on Wednesday know what that means?? WWW. You ask what that is well it’s 3 questions what are you reading? What you recently finish and what do you plan to read next?

1.what I’m currently reading is

This book I’m at 52% has been amazing usually last few adult fantasy books have been so info dumped I want to dnf I’m so bored but not this one from get go likeable characters and super funny, the guys typical to SJM writing all seem ego’s miles long and mood as hell then get sweeter. I can’t wait to finish the rest and the book will easily be a 5 star read.

2. What have I recently finished?

These 2 books are so cute! This is my fav Christmas romance writer and she does amazing job makes you feel like actually watching a hallmark Christmas movie in a book. They sweet and super cheesy but love the dog scenes always loveable so if looking for early start or get in the mood highly suggest and the covers are to die for.

3. What I plan to read next?

What I plan to read next is last book in the series even if this is book 2 I went out of order and this series has been sooo heart felt with funny lines and sappy stories. Also adds in by book 3 dogs heavily involved in the story that I love only down fall I felt was in this series the sex scenes are pg 13 fade to black of sorts and hoping more since the story plots are amazing and side characters fully help make the series amazing each can be read as stand alone.

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There is nothing better than a great cup of coffee and an even better book.

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