JBNStorytellers Box: Sci-Fi Collection Unboxing

Hello and happy Thursday.

Today I’m going to share my unboxing of JBNStorytellers Box: Sci-Fi Collection. This box was one of my favorites that Jean has released and I’m excited to share this with you all. I hope you enjoy!!

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This is the box that everything arrived in. It’s really beautiful and the colors just pop. It’s the perfect blend of everything to catch your eye.

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First up we have a bag, a mousepad, a sticker, a button pack that all match the cover of the box. Also a pen and pencil that I’m currently using at work.

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A shirt, and a print with a quote from Stephan Hawkins.

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And my book pick for this month is Skywatchers by Carrie Arcos. You receive the book, a signed bookplate, and a letter from the Author.

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A mystery about the history of the Cold War and the UFO phenomenon..

The year is 1952. The threat of invasion from the Soviet Union has people in a panic. The government has issued a call to civilians to act as radar–and Teddy, John, Caroline, Eleanor, Bunny, Frank, and Oscar eagerly answer. As members of their high school’s “Operation Skywatch” club, they, along with others across the country, look to the sky in an effort to protect the country from attack.

But they’re not prepared for the strange green light they see when on duty, which looks like nothing they’ve been trained to look out for. So when the mysterious object lands in the forest, Teddy, John, Caroline, and Bunny go in to investigate. Then, they disappear.


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The JBNStorytellers Box- Sci-Fi Collection was an amazing box and I can’t stop gushing about it. All the items were very fantastic and I love how you get to pick the book you want.

If you would like to order a box, click on the image below. Don’t forget to use my discount code stacy10 to save some money.

Happy Reading!



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