*First Line Friday 12/11/20* Gabriel is Cursed- Julia Goldhirsh

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I helped Rose escape her glass prison, but at what cost?

With each passing day it gets more difficult to tell fantasy from reality. Nightshade’s warning of a curse keeps lingering on my mind. Can he curse me if he’s dead? Rose should leave me behind. I couldn’t live with myself if she died because of me. Gabriel rescued me, but now I need to save him. He’s behaving strangely, but he won’t tell me why. I need to cure him and defeat Nightshade’s allies before time runs out, but how?

What if this is a battle we can’t win?

This 20th century fairy tale retelling is filled with dark curses and a battle between humans and nymphs. If you liked Jen Calonita’s “Mirror Mirror,” you’ll love this second book in the Nymph’s Revenge series. Buy Gabriel is Cursed today!

Trigger warning- Rose deals with a physically and emotionally abusive parent in the book


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“The only things remaining from their battle with Nightshade were the broken mirror and a gnawing sense of dread.”


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