*Release Day Review* Gabriel is Cursed- Julia Goldhirsh

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I helped Rose escape her glass prison, but at what cost?

With each passing day it gets more difficult to tell fantasy from reality. Nightshade’s warning of a curse keeps lingering on my mind. Can he curse me if he’s dead? Rose should leave me behind. I couldn’t live with myself if she died because of me. Gabriel rescued me, but now I need to save him. He’s behaving strangely, but he won’t tell me why. I need to cure him and defeat Nightshade’s allies before time runs out, but how?

What if this is a battle we can’t win?

This 20th century fairy tale retelling is filled with dark curses and a battle between humans and nymphs. If you liked Jen Calonita’s “Mirror Mirror,” you’ll love this second book in the Nymph’s Revenge series. Buy Gabriel is Cursed today!

Trigger warning- Rose deals with a physically and emotionally abusive parent in the book.


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My Review

“If getting revenge for my people makes me evil, then it’s a small price to pay.” “If you do this, then you will be my enemy. I’ll make your life a waking nightmare.”

Get ready to be swept off your feet by this magical and dark nymph filled retelling of Rapunzel. This unique fairytale retelling is nothing like you have read before.

A Victorian world, good and evil nymphs, a boy cursed, and a determined woman to save the people she loves and the world as we know it from the dark nymph who seeks revenge. It’s a tale that you’ll easily get sucked into from the start and it won’t let you go. It’s one that sticks in your memory way after you finish reading.

Rose and Gabriel are two of the strongest characters that I have ever come across. Their love for one another along with their quirky and witty banter will have you adoring them. They reminded me of Thomas and Audrey from Stalking Jack the Ripper. They were that damn cute! Ugh! I know their story isn’t over because I need to read more about them.

Gabriel is Cursed was an amazing read. The story engaged me from the start and I couldn’t stop reading until I completed the book. It was a quick read with a fantastic storyline that never got dull. Highly recommend this read!


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