*Arc Review* He Started It- Samantha Downing

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Beth, Portia, and Eddie Morgan haven’t all been together in years. And for very good reasons—we’ll get to those later. But when their wealthy grandfather dies and leaves a cryptic final message in his wake, the siblings and their respective partners must come together for a cross-country road trip to fulfill his final wish and—more importantly—secure their inheritance.

But time with your family can be tough. It is for everyone.

It’s even harder when you’re all keeping secrets and trying to forget a memory—a missing person, an act of revenge, the man in the black truck who won’t stop following your car—and especially when at least one of you is a killer and there’s a body in the trunk. Just to name a few reasons.

But money is a powerful motivator. It is for everyone.


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My Review

“The story you think you know isn’t the story at all.”

If there’s one thing I know it’s being an a**hole and this brought the best out of me. I can’t help it, I was just born this magical.

This was my first experience with this author and I’m glad that I started with this one after reading other reviews. Readers kept saying how much better My Lovely Wife was compared to this one. So if this one was insane, I can’t even imagine how mind-blowing her other one is.

Going into this I knew that I was getting myself into something super bizarre. The synopsis does a good job of hinting at it but doesn’t come close to how nutso this is and I absolutely loved it. This is the type of book more people should be writing. I want to be confused, feel uneasy, and left for dead in the middle of the desert! I want to feel all of that while I’m reading something this f***ed up. This one certainly left me that way.

Reading this book made me feel as if I was living inside of a meme. The Spider-man meme where he’s pointing at six other versions of himself. I didn’t know who to trust and I kept looking back and forth between everyone. There were so many twisty moments that my face is permanently stuck in a wide-eyed expression.

Crazy doesn’t even begin to describe this book. The way the past mixes in with the present makes the story that much more exciting. You never know what’s going to happen next but it is explosive.

He Started It was a masterpiece of a scavenger hunt through the messed up sights and sounds of just as insane history. It was one that I couldn’t put down because I needed to know if the rest was just as crazy as the start and boy, oh, boy! It was! You won’t believe how low people go for their piece of inheritance. Just be grateful that you aren’t a part of this family.


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