WWW Wednesday 12-16-20

It’s that day again. Wednesday know what that means it’s the 3 w’s! What that means is what are you currently reading? What you recently finish? And what will you read next?

What I’m currently reading? What I will be going back to read like 60 pages is blood and honey but been doing that for a bit reason is if I do read now more so in bed on ebook over physical. But still excited to read blood and honey even if not getting the best reviews for a sophomore book.

What I recently finished? Book I recently finished is flatmates

I thought this book would be awkward like attachments was and simular but it wasn’t. The story flows well and the notes to start what they have is cute and story works so much. Plus does mild take on emotional abuse and it’s enough not key element but around that has a affect on you and makes you think. This book is 4.75/5 stars and felt this book went under the radar so much.

What will be my next read? My next read will probably be another romance and just deciding on books thru my library or may even be ready player 2 since read book 1 few weeks ago and saw the movie last week.

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There is nothing better than a great cup of coffee and an even better book.

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