*Release Day Review* When You Look Like Us- Pamela N. Harris

When You Look Like UsWhen you look like us—brown skin, brown eyes, black braids or fades—people think you’re trouble. No one looks twice at a missing black girl from the projects because she must’ve brought whatever happened to her upon herself. I, Jay Murphy, can admit that, for a minute, I thought my sister, Nicole, got too caught up with her boyfriend—a drug dealer—and his friends.

But she’s been gone too long now.

If I hadn’t hung up on her that night, she’d be spending time with our grandma. If I was a better brother, she’d be finishing senior year instead of being another name on a missing persons list. It’s time to step up and do what the Newport News police department won’t.

Nic, I’m bringing you home.


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“Cops don’t listen to guys like me—and they damn sure don’t care about girls like Nic.”

I started this book knowing full well that I had to be an adult and do adult things before the holiday comes around. I told myself that I would read a few pages here and there while I had a spare moment. What a joke that was! I lied to myself because I finished this in less than a day. I couldn’t put down this heart-stopping read. It was one of those books where I wanted answers but never wanted it to end.

This book takes us on a journey of how far you’re willing to go for family and to stand up for what you believe in. That rumors are just that and we should judge people and things by our way of thinking and not anyone else’s. That just because someone is in a blue uniform doesn’t make them trustworthy or have your best interests at heart.

I was instantly transported into this book from page one and it was one that will always cling to me. Jay was a strong and level-headed character that you couldn’t help but feel attached to and to what he was feeling and doing. He spoke from the heart and from deep down within his soul. You feel that through the power of his words and actions. The power and love that he brought forth was something I’ve never experienced with a character before and it was mesmerizing. The close relationship he has with his family is amazing and I’m glad that they never shied away from that.

When You Look Like Me was a powerful page-turner. This phenomenal mystery was one that kept me invested all the way through that contained lots of heart, growth, and the power of never giving up. This is one hell of a debut that you won’t want to miss.

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