*Review* Casting Shadows- Dziyana Taylor


For two years, Rebecca Grimwood has been plagued by the same dream: an overturned ambulance vehicle, a long winding road, a motorcycle, and a man whose face she can’t make out. Dreams are just dreams, though, and she tries not to pay them much notice. Yet when a fortune teller tells Rebecca that her destiny involves a sacrifice, Rebecca seeks the answers she didn’t know she needed. To find them, she returns to the beginning: her old hometown of Harpers Ferry, West Virginia.

There’s always been something haunting about Harpers Ferry— maybe because it’s old Civil War ground, or the fact that ever since arriving, Rebecca has started seeing things she can’t explain. Things lurking in the shadows, in the farthest corners of streets, their voices whispering. Things out to get her. But one night, when a man named Derek saves her from certain death, Rebecca can’t help but feel that some good can come from the shadows.


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My Review

“Evil has no boundaries; it lives through time and history and gets carried through people. When you really give it some thought, evil is indestructible.”

Reading a book by an author that I’ve never read before is exciting. I don’t know what I’m getting myself into and I don’t know what to expect. It’s thrilling as you get familiar with the writing style as the story develops.

Dziyana did a great job at automatically catching my attention with this story. To combine history with the modern-day and put a twist on it is genius. It kept me entertained and interested in piecing all the clues together. I jumped into this not knowing much about the author or the story and I was immersed in the tale of ghostly beings and family secrets.

The author’s words were really beautiful and they flowed like poetry. She knew the right way to capture her audience and keep them glued to the story. As much as I enjoyed that, there was a tad bit of weirdness that came along with everything. A weirdness that I wasn’t expecting. It threw me off the path of this great story and things kind of went a little south from there. It’s not that the story was bad because I really enjoyed this one and I’m excited to read book two, I think I was just confused about the choices that Becca made and was thinking of making. Even after I finished this one, I’m still trying to figure out what her obsession is with a ghost that died in the mid-late 1800s.

Casting Shadows was a great read that took us on quite the journey. My war interested heart loved that this one included the Civil War because not many Authors involve that war in their stories. My hope for book two is that we learn more about the history of Rebecca, her family, and Derek and why Derek was the chosen one. I’m excited to see where the author takes us next time around. All I can say is that I’m excited.

And Becca! Girl! Make better choices!!


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