*Review* The Project- Courtney Summers

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Lo Denham is used to being on her own. After her parents died, Lo’s sister, Bea, joined The Unity Project, leaving Lo in the care of their great aunt. Thanks to its extensive charitable work and community outreach, The Unity Project has won the hearts and minds of most in the Upstate New York region, but Lo knows there’s more to the group than meets the eye. She’s spent the last six years of her life trying—and failing—to prove it.

When a man shows up at the magazine Lo works for claiming The Unity Project killed his son, Lo sees the perfect opportunity to expose the group and reunite with Bea once and for all. When her investigation puts her in the direct path of its leader, Lev Warren and as Lo delves deeper into The Project, the lives of its members it upends everything she thought she knew about her sister, herself, cults, and the world around her—to the point she can no longer tell what’s real or true. Lo never thought she could afford to believe in Lev Warren . . . but now she doesn’t know if she can afford not to.


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My Review

“People get so comfortable in the prisons they make for themselves, they instinctively reject what will set them free.”

Cults are intriguing and I’m a bit obsessed with learning more about them. No, I’m not a family member or a follower but I love learning more about something so bizarre. How one person could warp the minds of a group of people and they obey this person’s every command. It’s mind-boggling. But I can’t help but be amazed enough to educate myself.

The Project takes us deep inside the cult know as The Unity Project which is lead by Lev Warren. He preys on people’s deepest insecurities and makes promises on them to get people to join. But what happens when people start questioning the methods of this so-called prophet?

This book was really well researched. Courtney got everything right when it comes to making a cult leader shine and making him know how to prey on the weak. How they find what your deepest insecurities are and use that to their advantage. These people know when someone doesn’t feel like they belong and they welcome them with open arms. Then they let the brainwashing begin. The author hit this perfectly and I am impressed.

I’m amazed at how everything played out in this book. Some things were predictable but I was still pulled into this crazy story. This was one hell of a story and I hope we get to see more from this cult.

The Project was quite the gamble and it definitely paid off. This devastatingly raw novel will haunt you and make you reevaluate your own life. This masterful novel makes you ask yourself, how far are you willing to go to be loved and accepted?


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