*Book Review* The Sad Ghost Club- Lize Meddings

56660905. sy475 Ever felt anxious or alone? Like you don’t belong anywhere? Like you’re almost… invisible? Find your kindred spirits at The Sad Ghost Club.

This is the story of one of those days – a day so bad you can barely get out of bed, when it’s a struggle to leave the house, and when you do, you wish you hadn’t. But even the worst of days can surprise you. When one sad ghost, lost and alone at a crowded party, spies another sad ghost across the room, they decide to leave together. What happens next changes everything. Because that night they start the The Sad Ghost Club – a secret society for the anxious and alone, a club for people who think they don’t belong.

For fans of Heartstopper and Jennifer Niven, and for anyone who’s ever felt invisible. You are not alone. Shhh. Pass it on.


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My Review

“Science tells us we’re just a collection of cells. Floating in space… There’s no meaning or purpose. You just have to make of it what you can.”

Have you ever felt invisible? Where you’re in a room full of people but you still feel like a ghost? I know that I have and it made me feel as if I was the only one.

This graphic novel shows us that we’re never truly alone in this world and there is someone out there feeling those same exact feelings as you. All we have to do is talk to someone and open up. Just a few simple words can turn an entire evening around.

The Sad Ghost Club was full of cute ghostly metaphors and it really hits you. It really digs deep and shows us that people try to fake normal when they are feeling down and out. We never really know how others are feeling and we should really be respectful towards one another. Just remember that a friendly hello can turn someone’s day around.


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