It’s Monday, What Are You Reading? 4/26/21

Good Morning and welcome to the last Monday in April!

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend.

This week is going to be so weird for me. I’m reading nothing but ebooks! I know! Weird! But I have some obligations, so here we are.

This week I’m going to read a graphic novel that I received on Netgalley, an arc of a highly anticipated sequel, and an arc of an authors first ever adult novel.

What amazing books are you reading this week?

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Lonely Receiver- Zac Thompson

56606407. sy475 A Horror/Breakup Story in Five Parts

Catrin Vander, a lonely video producer, buys an Artificial Intelligence partner that’s meant to bond for life. After ten years together, her holographic wife suddenly disconnects without a warning. The breakup drives Catrin to the point of near insanity. She’s alone for the first time in years and reeling from a loss she can’t comprehend.

Set in the new future, drenched in pastels and sunshine, LONELY RECEIVER is a horror/breakup story in five parts. Written by Zac Thompson (UNDONE BY BLOOD, THE REPLACER, HER INFERNAL DESCENT, No One’s Rose, X-Men) and illustrated in color by Jen Hickman (MOTH & WHISPER, Test).


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Royal Spy (Fate of Eyrinthia #2)- Heather Frost

57356500. sy475 A DECOY recruited to be a spy.
A PRINCE compelled to become an assassin.
A SERJAH pressured by an unwanted crown.
A WORLD covered in shadows.

Mere months ago, Clare was just a kitchen maid. Now, she is a decoy for Princess Serene and a novice spy, caught in the royal family’s web of secrets. While journeying to Mortise to finalize the princess’s betrothal to Serjah Desfan, Clare lives for the stolen moments she has with Bennick, the bodyguard who is quickly claiming her heart. But when a notorious assassin is hired to kill her, Clare’s life and the alliance hang in the balance.

In Ryden, Grayson prepares to leave for Mortise with his brother, Liam. Their orders are to ignite a war between their enemies, and Grayson has been tasked with assassinating Princess Serene. It may cost his soul, but he is ready to comply, as long as he gets something in return: freedom for Mia, the girl he loves. But the more time he spends with his brother, the more he begins to wonder if Liam is what Grayson wishes he had the courage to be . . . a traitor.

Desfan feels trapped. By his disapproving council, his impending marriage to a stranger, and the imminent arrival of enemy princes who may not want the peace they profess. When a dangerous drug threatens his people, Desfan jumps at the chance to rely on his swords instead of politics. But his investigation uncovers more than he bargained for–a plot that may destroy Mortise from within.

Eyrinthia hovers on the edge of war. Spies. Rebels. Traitors. All must choose a side.


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A Wicked and Beautiful Garden- Katie McGarry

57652527. sy475 Twenty-eight year-old Cassie Strega can’t escape fate.

All she wants is to live a normal, quiet life delivering the babies in her small town. But when she discovers she comes from a lineage of witches, her life becomes extraordinary—in the gravely dangerous type of way.

Then, she’s reunited with her first love.

Orion, the sultry Fae warrior who broke her heart years before, is searching for a baby. Not just any baby, but the queen of the Fae who will one day lead them in their final battle against the demons determined to rule the world. The same baby who has been calling to Cassie for help in her dreams.

Fighting the intense attraction of their former blood bond, Cassie and Orion work together to find the child. But when the heartbreak that nearly destroyed Cassie nine years before looms once more, she’ll have to decide whether getting involved in the supernatural war is worth losing everything, including her life.


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There is nothing better than a great cup of coffee and an even better book.

2 thoughts on “It’s Monday, What Are You Reading? 4/26/21

  1. I find I have to alternate between ebook and real book. I prefer real book but when I get ARCs easier via egalley, I gladly take them that way! Lol. So pretty much from the start of the year I’ve alternated between ARC and real book TBR read! Just to keep my sanity in check! I’m weird. Lol.

    Nice reads! These are new to me ones! A Wicked and Beautiful Garden sounds intriguing. I love that cover for it!

    Here’s my Monday Wrap-up

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I prefer real books too and I fully agree. It’s so much easier to access arcs through ebooks.
      And that’s not weird at all. It makes sense.

      I’m halfway through A Wicked and Beautiful Garden and it’s fantastic. It reminds me of Jennifer Armentrout so much.

      Darling sounds amazing. That’s definitely on my tbr. I love Crum’s books

      Have a great day!!! ♥


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