*Book Review* Sing Me Forgotten- Jessica S. Olson

51940680. sy475 Isda does not exist. At least not beyond the opulent walls of the opera house.

Cast into a well at birth for being one of the magical few who can manipulate memories when people sing, she was saved by Cyril, the opera house’s owner. Since that day, he has given her sanctuary from the murderous world outside. All he asks in return is that she use her power to keep ticket sales high—and that she stay out of sight. For if anyone discovers she survived, Isda and Cyril would pay with their lives.

But Isda breaks Cyril’s cardinal rule when she meets Emeric Rodin, a charming boy who throws her quiet, solitary life out of balance. His voice is unlike any she’s ever heard, but the real shock comes when she finds in his memories hints of a way to finally break free of her gilded prison.

Haunted by this possibility, Isda spends more and more time with Emeric, searching for answers in his music and his past. But the price of freedom is steeper than Isda could ever know. For even as she struggles with her growing feelings for Emeric, she learns that in order to take charge of her own destiny, she must become the monster the world tried to drown in the first place.


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My Review

“Tonight, I was not hiding in the shadows. Tonight, I was a terrifying phantom come to turn dreams into nightmares.”

This was a book that instantly jumped out to me because I love when Authors take a classic and turn it on its head. It lets me know that debut authors aren’t messing around and they want to dazzle us with their talents. Then I saw the cover and it took my breath away. Everything about this screamed at readers to pay close attention to this book and the Author. I finally took that leap.

After completing this book, I instantly purchased a copy for a friend and a copy for the Library I work at. It’s one of those books that needs to be read by everyone. I’ve never had so many emotions pour out of me as I was reading and then the ending happened. That ending crushed me and made me weep. It also made me look towards a better future.

This lyrically beautiful book has stolen my heart and captured my soul. There was a darkness to this that was laid at my feet and I let it consume me. It was full of devilish magic and you’ll easily fall in love with everything this book has to offer. This is what true love feels like.

Sing Me Forgotten is a book that will always live close to my heart. It’s certainly one that I’ll never forget. This magical book doesn’t disappoint and you’ll be craving more. The characters were fantastic and the story was beautiful. This was one hell of a debut and I’m ecstatic to see what else Jessica has up her sleeve. I know in my heart that it’s going to blow me away.


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