*Blog Tour + Review* The Devil Makes Three by Tori Bovalino

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The Devil Makes Three

Title: The Devil Makes Three

Author: Tori Bovalino

Publisher: Page Street YA

Release Date: August 10, 2021

Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy, Horror, Thriller

Tess Matheson only wants three things: time to practice her cello, for her sister to be happy, and for everyone else to leave her alone.

Instead, Tess finds herself working all summer at her boarding school library, shelving books and dealing with the intolerable patrons. The worst of them is Eliot Birch: snide, privileged, and constantly requesting forbidden grimoires. After a bargain with Eliot leads to the discovery of an ancient book in the library’s grimoire collection, the pair accidentally unleash a book-bound demon.

The demon will stop at nothing to stay free, manipulating ink to threaten those Tess loves and dismantling Eliot’s strange magic. Tess is plagued by terrible dreams of the devil and haunting memories of a boy who wears Eliot’s face. All she knows is to stay free, the demon needs her… and he’ll have her, dead or alive.


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Author Information

Tori Bovalino is originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and now lives in the UK with her very loud cat. Tori is obsessed with scary stories, obscure academic book facts, and chai. She is active on Twitter as @toribov and Instagram as @toribovalino.

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The Devil Makes Three by Tori Bovalino is the perfect blend of dark academia and horror. This outstanding, atmospheric read had me hooked from the first line. With beautifully dynamic characters, slow-burn romance, and a well depicted horror, this is a book that will keep you up well into the night.

Both the main characters, Tess and Eliot, were so well written and easily loveable. Both struggle with different family issues and both struggle with their feelings. Tess is a cellist who had to put her future on hold to make sure her younger sister had one. Eliot is a powerful witch that is looking for a cure to save his mother. Both these characters are struggling with so many emotions. And this is before (and of course during) releasing an all powerful and hungry book demon. A demon that is set on destroying Tess’s life and hurting those closest to her so he can stay in the real world.

What I loved about Tess and Eliot (besides their adorable and hilarious banter) was how they put their feelings aside to come together and try to destroy the devil. Their romance blossomed from their first encounter, but it wasn’t insta-love. Bovalino spent time developing their chemistry and romance and made sure it didn’t take away from the main plot of the story, which I thoroughly enjoyed. What I also loved is how Bovalino depicted the devil. As the devil is after Tess, she was second-guessing everything. Second-guessing whether specific encounters happened, if everything was just in her head, and if the devil’s promises were really worth everything. The fear and uncertainty was so palpable, so intense that it almost felt like I was the one in Tess’s shoes.

Bovalino’s writing is suberb and beyond atmospheric. Her debut is one that is well written but creates the vibes I’m always looking for in a horror book: spider-crawling chills and suspense that keeps you on edge. I loved The Devil Makes Three from start to finish. The world building, foreboding scenes, a devil that bleeds ink…just everything about this book was phenomenal. And with that ending (THAT ENDING!), if you’re like me, you will be screaming and pulling your hair wondering WHY. That ending really brought the book full circle, but in a surprising way. And you can bet I will be buying anything Tori Bovalino writes.

The Devil Makes Three is a book I absolutely recommend. Even if you’re an avid horror book reader or new to this genre, The Devil Makes Three is one that everyone will enjoy. Tori Bovalino’s debut is in the world today, so pick up your copy now!

5 reasons to read The Devil Makes Three:

  1. A beautifully unique and atmospheric story
  2. A Brit with a swoon-worthy accent and did I mention he’s a witch?
  3. A book-bound demon that is released from its grimoire and is, yep you guessed it, HOT.
  4. Writing that will leave your spine tingling and chills that leave you checking every corner of your house.
  5. Emotionally captivating characters, with Tess and Eliot having some fun enemies-to-lovers banter.
  6. Did I mention there’s a book-bound demon that bleeds ink and is depicted as HOT?

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