Book review: weather girl

So just finished this book and finally a borderline 5 star read or 4.75 . But as a weather guy seeing a book title I just want to pick it up. Plus wished showed a face for the characters even if animated but still nice with the rain and back side with small snowflakes. So cover 4/5. Writing style: the style had a nice pace not to fast or slow which a lot of the romance books had extremely slow pace. And the author writes in this with a character that has depression didn’t feel was to overboard which some aspects from the author since she has said she has depression. Since hard to get that right but thru the years met people who close off or what not or over think big time on things. So was interesting to read it in a plot. On top both ari and Russel are very well written more so russel I enjoyed his character plot and how sweet and caring he is even if some things bother him. World: the world building is simple since it’s a romance but a nice transition with where they are how the studio helps to shape this romance. So my overall grade if looking forward good paced book with most part relateable story of the anxiety depression side while still overall story plot I suggest this 4.75/ borderline 5.

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