*Book Review* Beware & Behold (Casting Shadows #2)- Dziyana Taylor

59922290. sy475 Beneath the roots of weeping willows,
The dead lie shackled in their graves,
Above the tombstones their voices bellow,
Shattered glass of long forgotten days.

When the Gate closes and Derek vanishes into the Portal instead of a demon, the doctors are desperately trying to save Rebecca’s life behind hospital doors. It’s a miracle that she survives. The magic of the Gate fades with Derek now gone and the world of shadows seems to be finally kept at bay. Though, upon Nick’s return from NY with his new girlfriend, things start to come back to life. Amanda is strangely interested in the Diary, which makes Rebecca become suspicious.

But the dark shows its true face and soon the unforeseen events lead to another startling discovery, causing Rebecca and Nick to set on the adventure to the Coterie in hopes to find a ruby and answers. But their journey is anything but easy. As the old Coterie Clock ticks the time away, they rush to save each other, dig up a centuries-old cadet corpse, and shine the lantern into the past to bring back someone they care for before he runs out of time once and for all.


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“The fear has walked past me, but I have chosen not to meet its gaze.”

Casting Shadows ended and I’ve been wandering this darkness-filled earth in search of answers. Dziyana left us in the lurch at a time when we needed comfort and support towards the end of the first book. My brain worked overtime trying to figure out exactly what in the heck was going on.

As soon as I picked this book up, I could not stop reading it. I was instantly sucked back into the world of Nick, Becca, and Derek. I couldn’t get my eyes and brain to work fast enough, I was that excited to see where we were going next and I never imagined this is where things would lead. Every single thing about this second book was phenomenal.

What I instantly noticed about this book was the amazing progress Dziyana made as a writer. I didn’t think an author’s words could get any more beautiful but she proved me wrong. Wow! Her growth as a writer really shines through and I am impressed.

Beware & Behold didn’t fall into that dark hole that is known as the second book imposter syndrome. This one was even better than the first and I know that the third book will be even better. I’m not sure how you could get better than this one. This one was a lot of fun, darker than the first, and Becca grew up a bit from the last book. I’m so excited for book three and now I must dream about where that one will take me.


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