*First Line Friday* Any Second- Kevin Emerson

Happy Friday from the future!!

This week I’m going to give you a line from a book that I forgot that I received at ALA this year. Jennifer over at A Bella Fairy Tale recommended this to me and it sparked something in my brain to look at my arcs. And here this was in all its glory. I’m hoping to start reading that this weekend.

Happy Reading!

38885432¬† ¬†Five years after being kidnapped, Elian’s captor sends him into the mall–with a bomb strapped to his chest.

Across the mall is Maya, a girl whose crippling anxiety holds her prisoner in its own way.

Whether it’s chance or fate, Maya keeps Eli from ending them all. And now nothing is the same. Drawn together by their dark pasts, Maya and Eli know it takes only seconds for their entire worlds to change. But time will tell if meeting each other will change them for better or worse.



“Gabriel says today is a good day to die.”


The Goblin Crown- Robert Hewitt Wolfe

“The greatest beast crushes the bravest man. The bravest man slaughters the wiliest fox. The wiliest fox preys on the most elusive bird. The most elusive bird pecks up the smallest insect. And with a single diseased bite, the smallest insect brings down the greatest beast. We are all carrion and eaters of carrion, fertilizer for the wheat that makes our bread. Place a crown over it. And call it paradise.”

Received a galley edition of this book from Turner Publishing for an honest review!

They don’t pull punches here and get right to the good stuff. It goes from a page of introducing the teenagers and then bam, goblins galore. (Please note that I’m sick, so if this makes you feel uncomfortable at any time… please step out of the train car.)

Billy is your typical nerdy student, except for these spells that cause him to get dizzy. Once he gets dizzy, he sees things and feels them. Like he’s in another world.

Lexi tries to comfort him, but to no use. He brushes her off and things go from bad to worse. While during lunch, he stumbles again getting dizzy and drops his lunch all over the quarterback Kurt. 

Kurt has special plans on getting them back at the end of the day. And after school, Kurt waits and waits for them to show face. Knowing what’s to come, Lexi and Billy go another way to avoid this escapade. Kurt being who he is, know all and starts giving chase. Lexi and Billy escaping into a tunnel that they didn’t know existed. And poof! They find themselves in a mysterious land. One that they have never seen before. 

Welcome to the land of Kiranok!! The underground world of Goblins and magical creatures a like. 

The Goblins have been at war with the Hanorians and the crown has been unclaimed. It is time for an unlikely creature to come and place the crown on their head. Once it is touched by the chosen one, the ruby jewel with shine bright and the world is to know that the king has returned home.

With some unfortunate events that occur while trying to not only save themselves but also save the Goblin race. One of those three teenagers is heir to the throne. But which one has it in them to save what is rightfully theirs?

This was one heck of an adventurous thrill ride. I felt that I was placed at the Shire waiting for someone to come and steal the ring. But instead of a ring we have a crown that needs to be placed with his rightful owner. 

The pace seemed way out of whack, which took away from the story. It started off at the highest point and towards the middle dropped down, but seemed to pick up more speed before the crown found its owner and then it dropped again. A crazy ride of speeds and bumps in the road. I still look forward to seeing what Billy and his friends have in store. 

Let the games begin!!!