Good reads Monday 7-22-19

Good reads Monday: a book that’s been sitting on my shelf awhile that needs attention or have to read. And this week would be this. Well ment volume 1 but also volume 2. Only think left of the lunar chronicles I have to read and fairest. And absolutely amazing world so haven’t read cinder do it!! But this story follows cinder android iko as she goes undercover when some lunar wolfs attack that threaten the peace treaty between earth and Luna. So less see what comes of it.

Good reads Monday

Finally back from bea/ bookcon and getting into back of things. But this week on my hole in tbr list that’s been sitting and want to read that needs attention is. A retelling. Way way back when I used to not want to read retellings since will mess up my idea of the story well let’s say geekerella and a court of thorns and roses changed that. So at the time everyone was talking this book and added it but never read. But slowly making thru this authors retellings. Author is cj redwine so her first retelling she did was

Read the rest of the worlds and they are amazing!!

Have you read this book??

What is your fav retelling

And have you ever read this author before??

Good reads Monday

It’s that time again that you you show a book that’s been sitting on your TBR shelf from good reads that needs some attention that you been lacking on doing ect.

This week been sitting on my tbr for about a year it’s very small but something very close to me which is weather. And first thing that got me addicted to weather was tornado’s. so this is MG read and series of them but with out further a do it’s.

After I found out about I had to read it. So at a signing I bought it then forgot it at the store and that was over a year ago. Maybe 2 so now I gotta rebuy it.

Good reads Monday

Today is good reads Monday which means you post about a book that has been on your to read like that you haven’t read but deserves to get some attention and my book today is

I was super excited for another book by Nicola upon who I have many times before thru past few years after reading everything everything. I’m shocked I did never in the end pick it up but I know where it’s on my shelf soo I’ll proubly read it soon since I’m itching to read a contemporary book again. And if not you should fully read everything everything!!!