Fight Club 2- Chuck Palahniuk

“The Highest Form of Authority Resides In: A. Tyler Durden”

The greatest Christmas gift I have received this year. 

I’m about to break all the rules. Fight Club is back and it does not even come close to lining up to the original. Interesting and unique, but it’s not what we were craving. And only the master Chuck can write himself into his own book. 

Narrator going by Sebastian is back, married to the one and only Marla and they have a son, Junior.

Sebastian has a nine to five and takes pills to live and forget. Marla hasn’t changed and lies in group meetings. Testicular Cancer, sickle cell and even progeria. She thought she could live without Tyler, but she can’t. To get him back she has been swapping out Sebastians pills little by little.

The Maggots are now ready. Project Mayhem is in full effect and Tyler is a god. Your money is no good here Mr. Durden!

The hunt is on the save the world and her son from Tylers grip. How will it end?

I think since this wasn’t what we wanted he should write a novel of FC2. We deserve it. And I’m kind of biased with Chuck. Couldn’t rate this any lower than I did. Snowflakes don’t do that.

Read at your own risk!!