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FRIENDROIDStranger Things meets robots in this sweet story about an unlikely friendship between two boys—one human, one android. 

Eric Young is an android, but he doesn’t know. He does know that he’s just moved to Ashland, so it’s important to make the right kind of friends—the kind that would be interested in skateboarding and the new Slick sneakers his Uncle Martin sends him.

Danny Lazio doesn’t have any friends, but he doesn’t care. Even if his classmates don’t accept him, he still has Land X, the online role play game that he’s actually really good at. But then Eric takes an interest in Land X, and suddenly Danny thinks he might have found a real friend…if he can figure out the mystery behind Eric’s sudden disappearances and strange lifestyle.

It becomes harder to ignore the weird events that happen only around Eric. But uncovering the secret behind Eric’s identity is an act that might cost them both as powerful forces soon move in around them.

This heartfelt story about friendship and what it means to be human is sure to tug at your soul—or your soul-chip if you’re like Eric.

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“A timely parable for this generation of digital natives.” ―Kirkus

“Vaughan presents another noteworthy sf middle-grade offering peppered with mystery.” ―Booklist

“For middle-grade readers who are ready to fight the power.” ―Publishers Weekly

Tens List: Ten Favorite Reads Ever

  1. Brave New World, by Aldous Huxley
  2. Secret History, by Donna Tartt
  3. Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck
  4. Oedipus, by Sophocles
  5. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, by K. Rowling
  6. Nineteen Eighty Four, by George Orwell
  7. Of Human Bondage, by Somerset Maugham (not as racy as the title suggests!)
  8. The Dice Man, by Luke Rhinehart
  9. Perfume, by Patrick Süskind
  10. Flowers for Algernon, by Daniel Keyes


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M.M. VaughanThe daughter of South American parents, Monica Meira Vaughan grew up in Spain before moving to London at the age of five where she learnt English by watching Sesame Street and reading every Roald Dahl book she could get her hands on. On leaving school, and after a brief stint in public relations, Monica decided to train as a primary school teacher. She spent over ten years working in special needs, mostly with children with emotional and behavioural difficulties, before becoming a full time writer.

Monica loves writing after midnight, building cardboard cities and playing Lego with her daughter. She lives in London, UK.


WEBSITE: http://www.mmvaughan.com/

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Our Dark Stars by Audrey Grey and Krystal Wade Blog Tour + Review

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Thank you to Audrey Grey and Krystal Wade for letting us take part in this fantastic book tour! And thank you for the e-galley of Our Dark Stars! 

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About the book:

Our Dark Stars by Audrey Grey and Krystal Wade
Genre: Young Adult, Science
Fiction/Fairy Tale Retelling
Publication: March 6th, 2018

37459966.jpgWhile she sleeps, the whole universe changes.

Princess Talia Starchaser has it all. Wealth. Status. Adoring citizens. But on the eve of her eighteenth birthday, she’s forced to publicly betray her best friend, a companion mock she’s had since birth, setting events into motion that lead to the destruction of the humans, and the princess floating through space, a remnant of a time when humans ruled over droids.

One hundred years later, half-mock captain Will Perrault and his ragtag crew discover a device floating in space. When a very human Talia emerges from its depths, Will suspects she’s the key to buying his way back into the regiment he once commanded against the last remaining rebel humans—and the ruling mock queen’s good graces.

Both Talia and Will would rather get space-tossed than trust one another, but with the queen’s forces chasing them across the galaxy and the fate of both worlds hanging in the balance, they’ll forge the unlikeliest of alliances to survive.

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About the Authors

AudreyAudrey Grey is an award winning and USA Today bestselling author of several books, including the Moonbeam Children’s Award bronze finalist, SHADOW FALL. She lives in the charming state of Oklahoma with her crew: one husband, two little people, four mischievous dogs, and one poor cat. You can usually find Audrey hiding out in her office from said crew, surrounded by books and sipping kombucha while dreaming up wondrous worlds for her characters to live in.


KrystalKrystal Wade is the USA Today bestselling author of six Young Adult Fantasy and creeptastically imagined fairytale books. She can be found in the sluglines outside Washington D.C. every morning, Monday through Friday. With coffee in hand, iPod plugged in, and strangers who sometimes snore, smell, or have incredibly bad gas-sitting next to her, she zones out and thinks of fantastical worlds for you and me to read. How else can she cope with a fifty-mile commute? Good thing she has her husband and three kids to go home to. They keep her sane.

Nikole’s Review

Imagine waking up 100 years into the future, not knowing where you are and not knowing everything you know and love is gone. Imagine waking up to a world where mocks are the rulers and humans are slaves. It doesn’t sound too appealing, does it? But this is exactly what happens to Princess Talia. And, boy, do these two authors bring this book to life.

This was a whirlwind of a novel! I finished this beauty in one sitting because I absolutely could not put it down. I haven’t read a sci-fi this good since I picked up Gemina by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff.

The world building was phenomenal. I could picture the world inside my head and I truly felt like I was there with the characters, battling alongside them. During the many battle scenes, my heart was racing because I felt a connection with all these characters, and I did not want anything bad to happen to them. The authors did an amazing job of bringing this world, this story, to life. What I also really liked is that I could not tell which author was writing each chapter. It was one voice, so the flow was perfect.

The characters were relatable and as a reader, I felt the hardships Will went through and I felt the pain Talia felt. The book itself felt so real, and those are the best books, in my opinion. The books that get you to feel all sorts of emotions are the books you remember; they are the books that stay with you forever. This is one of those books.

Overall, I highly enjoyed Our Dark Stars!If you love sci-fi, romance, intense battle scenes, snarky comments and witty attitudes, then Our Dark Stars by Audrey Grey and Krystal Wade is the book for you!

Stacy’s Review

“Perhaps, up here, the last vestiges of his humanity still lingered inside. A shadow of the flesh-and-blood boy he once was.”

I’m not much of a sci-fi fan when it comes to books. There’s always too much to remember and by the time it’s done, I have to reread some parts and then it’s really not worth it. This isn’t the case here. This was amazing from start to finish.

I know some of you are going to burn me at the stake but it really reminded me of The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer and Humans, Bow Down by James Patterson. With that being said, I do think this holds its own and people will remember this for being the gem that it is.

This is an amazing sci-fi adventure with twists, turns, and some deceiving members of the mock/human race. It captivated me and I craved more pages even after it was over.

As I was reading this, my husband asked me what I was reading. He said something that stuck with me throughout the entirety of this book. Why is there always a Princess? and Why does it always involve Humans versus Robots? It played over and over in my mind and if it wasn’t for him then this would have been a higher rating for me.

This is a book that will stick with me even after I finished it. The writing style was beautiful and I was absolutely mesmerized by the world building. This actually changed my view of YA sci-fi novels and I can’t wait to try more of them.

Our Dark Stars is a book that you need in your life!! And this is coming from someone who would rather be swooned than shot at by murderous robots!