Reign of the Fallen- Sarah Glenn Marsh



”Since you’ve been gone, I don’t even feel right in my own skin anymore. It’s like I’m missing a part, a lung or a kidney, and the rest of me can’t figure out how to work together without that one piece.”

At first, I felt confused. Like all this world and character building was overwhelming my mind at once and I couldn’t keep pace. But once it picked up, it was hard to put down.

I was dazzled by the dark and mesmerizing tale that felt more horror and diverse than anything I’ve ever read. Oh, My Stars!!! This should be on everyone’s tbr.

Your jaw will drop at the beautifulness that is brought forth through Sarah’s words. Her storytelling building is too phenomenal for words. I can’t say it enough, this will be one of the YA books of the year.

Odessa is the bisexual badass heroine we were all looking for in a lead character. She took no shit and gave it right back. Bow down to this new queen who has flaws and who we admire anyway.

If the synopsis doesn’t fully grasp you then this stunning cover will. That cover is to throw you off from the dark and the mysterious that will greet you at the opening page.

Be forewarned, this fantasy tale is extremely violent. It contains a lot of battle sequences with death looming throughout and rising from the ground. It also deals with addiction that is sequential to the whole story.

Brace yourselves! Don’t say that I didn’t warn you!


November- TBR!!!!

TBR November


Here we are in another new month and here is the stack I would like to tackle in November.

The Ones Who Got Away- Roni Loren



Lost Crow Conspiracy- Rosalyn Eves



Too Late- C. Hoover



The Immortalist- Chloe Benjamin



Reign of the Fallen- Sarah Glenn Marsh



The Pope of Palm Beach- Tim Dorsey



Batman: Nightwalker- Marie Lu



Noir- Christopher Moore



I have received a lot of great reads from publishers and I can’t wait to dig in.

Which books are on your TBR this month?

Happy reading!!!

Books I plan to try and read in November.

The books I’ll try to read which I’m bad about following. On my personal quest to 100 books I’m at 84 now so 2 months shouldn’t be to hard. 

1. I just literally 3 mins ago before making my new cup of java finished vampire academy it had been years to say I actually had truely read the series so I’m glad I did and every book is a 5 star ⭐️ 

2. Just today bought at the thrift store which I forget if tried to read before or not is the devil wears Prada and about to hop into that after this post and to say the movie oh dear do I love the movie so much it’s like confessions of a shopaholic. That book and movie I like the movie better. 

3. Artemis by Andy weir

Can’t wait to read that book since surprising I really enjoyed the mars book which Iv completely stomped on the name but look forward to that.

After these I have no clue what I’ll read but maybe the darkest minds??? Comeback to find out. 

~~~~~ JUSTIN 

Author Spotlight: Monica Murphy

Just like Stacy, I had read one week girlfriend. This book is good but by far one of the darkest contemporary romance reads we have ever read. But it’s a series, so I have to read more. This author has written more books that I’m sure I’ll check out. She is a New York Times Bestselling author and we can see why. Her books grab you from the start and you’ll still be thinking about them months after you have finished them. Some books (by some we mean all) we want to check out by her down the line she has written are fair game, never tear us apart (Stacy owns), crave and out in November is saving it


It’s our honor to announce Monica Murphy is our Spotlight Author of the week.





Click on the picture below to read Stacy’s review of One Week Girlfriend!


Happy Scandalous Reading!!!

Renagades by Marissa Meyer

Ahh yes finally a new book by MM Iv been waiting for this for awhile since it wasn’t Alice in wonderland.  So it’s even more of a wait after binging cinder series the first tine a few years ago and then few weeks ago the whole series in a week. But for MM first novel that wasn’t a retelling this book was very good and interesting. But before jump to that this book is about a girl  (nova) who is a Villian who is seeking on revenge to the renagades (hero’s)since of some haunted past, then their is Adrian he is everything must want to become always been on the good side of things just only thing holding him back is some higher up’s keeping him down from being a full renagade instead of a side kick.  The world that MM had built is cool it’s sorta a nicer version of a dystopian world since have daily life stuff but also mix of pure junk and people trade in items.  So it’s a nice/ evil sad depressed world to live in so makes for a pretty darn world with superhero’s and villains so lots of destruction sadly.

One of last things I gotta say Adrian will become a big time fictional boyfriend to many women. He is sooo nice caring and eVerything people wish for when looking for a person plus much much more so you have to wait and see.  But yea this book was really really good and haha glad not more Alice in wonderland work. (Looks behind my back make sure Stacy isn’t  after me) and I’m dieing for book 2 since MM did more of the world than answer a ton of questions out in the open. 5/5 stars ~~~~JUSTIN 

Every Time We Meet At The Dairy Queen Your Whole Fucking Face Explodes- Carlton Mellick III

“This would have been heaven to me if her face wasn’t in its current state. I feel like I’m being groped by a flesh-eating zombie.”

I’ve always wanted to read anything by Carlton Mellick the Third. My first experience with him was The Haunted Vagina. I became giddy with delight and terror as I found out that me and the main character share the same name. Spooky!! 

I was lucky enough to be with a man who encourages my needs for bizarro and was gifted this from him. 

If you are looking for the King of Bizarro then look no further. No one can intrigue you with a cover like he can and no one can make your entire face come apart just by thought. 

Ethan has met the love of his life at school. But him being shy has him lusting from afar. She is quite the unusual dish. They call her Spiderweb and Frankenstein because there might be something uniquely horrifying about her face. 

They side eye each other while on the bus and one day that changes with a slip of a note. Now they are boyfriend and girlfriend. 

On a date at Dairy Queen… her face kapows and face skin and blood is everywhere. Seems that every time she meets Ethan and she becomes overwhelmed with love and emotion her face explodes to kingdom come. 

Her dad being super crafty sews her face back together making her look like the Frankenstein Monster. 

Jill seeing that her boyfriend Ethan is in trouble with a bully, she takes matters into her own hands and now they are in hiding. True love knows no boundaries. 

If you don’t make your face explode after reading this then what the fuck are you doing? I had to gather all those pieces like Jackie O’ once had to do. 

Have you ever felt that no one will ever understand? This book has all the answers and more. 

This was completely obscene, strange and weird and I was in love. So in love that I now have stapled skin on my face. 

I now want to buy his entire catalog of books to add to my collection. And no one will ever be disappointed by the over-the-top adventures of the bizarre. 


Universal Harvester- John Darnielle

It’s so easy to be pulled in and hooked by this book just by looking at the spectacular cover and reading the even weirder synopsis. Leads you to a discomfort in your life that needs answers. 

Being an avid collector of vhs tapes from times past, you always wonder if someone taped over what you actually bought or who else thought similar thoughts while taking your treasures up to the counter.

The cover stands high and mighty on its own. The swirls of the colors and the images are enticing and beautiful. It makes you want to hold it in your hands. 

Small town Nevada, Iowa sits a tiny little video store. Inside is shelfs of vhs tapes that might never be checked out. Sitting at the counter is Jeremy. 

As a teen, he lost his mom in a car accident and he lived his years with his dad. They don’t ever talk about it and just live life with one another.

On a day like any other, someone complained about something being off about the vhs tape. As more and more days come and go, more people are saying the same things.

Some of the tapes split into something sinister, something that makes his blood run cold and fills his life with sleep draining dread. Then all goes back to normal. 

Lisa Sample is a single woman who tragically lost her mother when she was very young. One day she woke up and she was gone. Mom was lost in the clutches of a religious cult. She started spending more and more time at church and started eating less, Mom was obsessed with this leader. Lisa needs answers and tries to find them. 

Jeremy and Sarah are on the hunt for clues and answers to their soul churning questions. 

This was one strange and bizarre book. After reading some of those scenes about the spliced tapes, you feel that you have something crawling on your skin that you can’t get off. The bizarreness and the unknown make you feel instant discomfort. 

I kind of got the feeling that he wants you to remember the goodness of your family. To capture every moment and never forget. 

With new technology it gets even harder to view a past we all sorely forget.

I would of liked this alittle more if I fully grasped what I was reading and understood what was being thrown my way. 

It’s a book I would reread without distractions from all around. Good read for a cold wintry day.

Received a finished copy of the book from the publisher!! Thanks so much!!! ♡♡