This is the book blog by Justin, and Nikole ranging in different genres of books.

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And here is some small facts about us.

  Justin: hey my name is Justin  one of the bloggers here and here are some small facts about myself.

  • my most read genre of book is young adult but I do read occasional romance or thriller/ suspense book.
  • I’m 28 and live in new jersey and absolutely love the new jersey devils
  • last but not least one of other hobby of mine besides books is meteorology which study of weather.
  • https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/27994106-justin-turczak




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Nikole: Hi everyone! I am Nikole and I am a co-blogger with Justin and Stacy. I live in the not-so-hilly Illinois but was born in the beautiful Boston, MA. I am in my early 20s and working on getting my Bachelor’s degree in Management. I have a wonderful Siberian Husky who is just as stubborn as I am. In my spare time, I read, write, play with my fur sister, and spend time with my family.