WWW Wednesday

It’s that time of the week again Wednesday which means WWW. What does that mean you say well it means the 3 w’s. What are you currently reading? What did you finish recently and what do you plan to read next?

1. What I’m currently reading is empire of storms by Sarah j Maas and loving you and hating you by Christina lauren

Empire of storms is a re read and love this series and starts where cast left off from last book I won’t say more so don’t spoil but only thing can say the ending is fudging cliff hangy as hell. And thank the stars I don’t get book hangovers.

2. What I recently finished was queen of shadows and happy finally a ending more happy of sorts and not cliffy at all. and other finished was serpent and dove and oh my stars that book was amazing!!! I don’t know how many times I was laughing up a storm and when action dulls the romance blossoms up a storm. Probably will go down as fav fantasy read for this year.

3. What I plan to read next is frankly in love to stay on contemporary binge. And high hopes for.

*Arc review* American royals by Katharine McGee

Ahh nothing like a day off from work and just sitting around reading. But to get started I got this book at bea. I was unsure if should read it since I didn’t like the thousandths floor but I give many chances in other worlds to see if can like them. Plus the synopsis sounds good on this book which is what if president Washington wasn’t made a president but made a king, then go thru the generations so it follows his great great something grand children one who will become the queen.

Thru this book is multi POV like that was in the thousandths floor. Which are for this book princess Beatrice heir to become queen, princess Samantha or easier sam, Nina who is sams best friend and Daphne.

With the multi POV of views unsure would grasp the story since so many plots going on but it wasn’t that bad Katharine makes the writing easy enough to follow. Unlike in T1kF was jumping between characters fast so wasn’t grasping the story and was extra gossipey from get go. And this book has the gossip to it but done much better way so not over the board with it so good mix of the story plot and gossip combined made for a great story hard to do the 2 together.

Characters: the characters in this were great and besides most rich they seemed pretty down to earth. Katherine the perfect one who can’t do no wrong and always maintaing perfect image and always looking for ways to change things for the better. Not sure if I liked her best or what not. But her story arc is cute one I feel like and just always cheering her on even monarch world is so nice.

Sam: the crazy one of the family with her twin brother. She had a ok story at parts just always wanting what Beatrice has not realizing why she wants it but out of all the people I felt she had the best change and will have greatest impact in book 2 more over Beatrice. And like all the characters minus one you wish them for the best. And loved her friendship with Nina they go hand in hand well.

Nina: one of first people who isn’t rich or royal like all the rest of the group in this book but refreshing to see since she is one of the few who can live a normal life and be friends and such with the Washington’s. She was my fav character thru most of the book just at the end I think she could of faught little more for what she believed in but I think the character in book 2 with biggest change.

Daphne: she played the villain and she played it well. Cunning while being so sweet. Even though she is bad person still liked her a bit. And also the character in book 2 will go thru a change I’m sure.

But yea the story was nice mix of the drama and all these love ships which like said the whole story actually felt real besides also being in modern day so easily one of my more fav contemporarys this year and worth a pre order and super stoked for book 2 since hoping my ships can get together even one who will not be named get there’s 5/5 stars

Good reads Monday 7-22-19

Good reads Monday: a book that’s been sitting on my shelf awhile that needs attention or have to read. And this week would be this. Well ment volume 1 but also volume 2. Only think left of the lunar chronicles I have to read and fairest. And absolutely amazing world so haven’t read cinder do it!! But this story follows cinder android iko as she goes undercover when some lunar wolfs attack that threaten the peace treaty between earth and Luna. So less see what comes of it.

Arc review: the Beautiful by Renee ahdieh

Finally a new Renee ahdieh book! And we’re getting vampires or so they say.

Going into this book excited. Starts off with a girl named celine traveling from Paris to New Orleans for a new life in 1872. Going in you don’t really know what she is trying to leave. But finally in this fabulous city, Renee makes the perfect city with all its luxury’s and words that make it sound amazing. So the pace is quite nice getting glimpse of the city with starting to add some side characters and get to explore more of Celine’s personality. Starts off shy but also very coy and more tough than you think. As story goes along it was nice to see her nervous and scared but didn’t stop her even after people tried make her scared and such. After though this point in story after get to learn New Orleans and it’s way and just sounds like the life and learning it’s chain of command who has you thinking who it is. Story goes really stagnant by this point with the story and by time book even starts to pick up the book is at 65-70% thru. And don’t really learn what anyone is to my eye. Soo I was let down to this regard and hardly any “vampires” if want to call them that.

Side character plots:

Some of side characters introduced are poops and odette who show majority of story.

These character plots some were good some not. Pippa at first seems to be a great side character and the friend to lean thru the story, and had a good character plot going but for some odd reasoning gets put way to back burner. Which don’t understand as much I felt should of been a tad more.

Odette on the other hand she is shown early and enjoyed her big time. She is wicked charm but also can handle her own. She doesn’t have as much story plot behind her but fixture thru the story line. And can hope she can get more stuff In book 2 and see how she became who she was to original story.

So overal after first part I couldn’t wait to finish the book if renee could of made the middle better I think I could of liked it more.

Plot: 3/5

Pacing: 1/5

Characters story plot: 3/5

Cover rating: 3.5/5 (I think pirates more)

Overall rating: 2.75/5

Good reads Monday

Finally back from bea/ bookcon and getting into back of things. But this week on my hole in tbr list that’s been sitting and want to read that needs attention is. A retelling. Way way back when I used to not want to read retellings since will mess up my idea of the story well let’s say geekerella and a court of thorns and roses changed that. So at the time everyone was talking this book and added it but never read. But slowly making thru this authors retellings. Author is cj redwine so her first retelling she did was

Read the rest of the worlds and they are amazing!!

Have you read this book??

What is your fav retelling

And have you ever read this author before??

WWW Wednesday 5-15-19

It’s Wednesday so you know what that means its WWW. Which ask the 3 w questions. What are you currently reading?

What you recently finish? and what will you be reading next?

1. What I’m currently reading is mosh pit of books but the iron flower

And I’m sorta here and their reading fifty shades of grey again on and off.

2. What did I recently finish?? The books I recently finished was alex van helsing vampire hunter book 1. Which is a small MG book which a kid gets static feeling when evil is near by like vampires. And great read right around Halloween and stories that involve sorta like Frankenstein.5/5 stars

Other I finished which I loved and always will is heir of fire by Sarah J Maas which is the 3rd book in the series and learning who characters are some new, honing powers and which characters will take sides and such. Throne of glass is well worth the huge risk to read its soooo good!!

3. What do I plan to read next is probably a touch of gold by Annie suillivan

Have you read any of these? And what’s your thoughts?