Level up Cathy yardley

This book I had seen a review on the amino app and it seemed cute judging from the cover is a girl and guy kissing and she is playing a video game so right away think both romance and gaming. But this book is about a girl named Tessa she has been with this one company for 4 years now and wanting to get as engineer for the gaming company always been her wish instead of audio engineer for the games. For her it’s a obstacle since the gender flaws that girls shouldn’t be engineers making the games and not good enough so she is out to prove it. Besides that aspect the story also with her room mate she has been with Adam he is part of engineering team and has never thought of Tessa than more of anyone since Tessa is so quiet. And don’t even really think of possiabilty of things to a party at there house where have the whole engineering company together for a party and a miss hap happens and figure a chance so makes it insta love sorta?? But Adam is so still from the party being love sick and heart broken after a girl dumped him for another guy in NYC and her dream of journalism. With the 2 together can they help her succeed in getting the job? Dunno but gotta try it. Only bad thing can say and it’s not really the book was sooo small at 100 and change so I was sad since i loved this book sooo much it is by my fav contemporary of this year only tied with operation prom date which is another I suggest to people to try out. 5/5 stars to the max 


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There is nothing better than a great cup of coffee and an even better book.

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