Everything must go

So going into this book I was excited since I went to a signing in New York City and met one of the guys I know from Macmillan and a book he suggested for contemporary and this was the one he suggested.

But from the description you hear Elijah ooo laid back guy since hippie. What you learn first few pages is he is her mentor so we all have had that one teacher we had super crush on I know I had a few! So she becomes friends with him out of school and does everything she can for him to fall in love. Well as can see it’s 1 way. So because he doesn’t go you can kinda get the vibe that it’s a self respect and learn inner self which it is. Plus how will a girl who high fashion and everything to no cell service and country life of farming. Surprising felt that aspect didn’t change to much since the high fashion you learn still stays and that’s parts I liked just because in country her sense of style of 50’s didn’t change much and photo’s to go thru it which you see thru fashion/ feminist blogs can see it’s pretty epic.

Some aspects besides fashion part gotta add though was even though this bookndid we’ll keep my attention only thing seemed lacking their were a few guys in the book that she interacts and will get interest then suddenly be talking to other guy and just made it confusing who the world the love interest is and what stopped me ftom really liking the book. So gotta go with 3.5/5 stars. Not enough self learning and confusing love interest.

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There is nothing better than a great cup of coffee and an even better book.

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