Confessions Of A Hater- Caprice Crane

“They say nothing brings two people together like a common enemy,  but they never tell you what brings two common enemies together.”

Hailey is a nerd, a nobody, a loser and she wants things to change. Her father receives a job of a lifetime and decides to move his family to Hollywood.(eye roll, snort, sigh)

Going through her sisters things that she no longer wants, she takes her clothes and finds a journal. Sweet baby jesus!! It’s a how to be a hater journal. Just what she needs to be a typical asshole who picked on her.

Wearing her sisters “cool” clothes, picked up a few tips from the journal, off she is to make her statement. 

Befriending the cool kids on her very first day. It only takes her a short time to screw everything up. Pfft! What a nerd!!

Those bullies are ruthless and become her worst nightmare. With this special journal, she has a few schemes up her sleeve for her and her outcast friends to get those pesky teens back. 

Now, let me save you a few boring hours and sum this up nice and tight for you. If you look at the illustrations in the front and back cover you will figure out the entire story. Minus a few makeout sessions and the racism. 

How none of these girls got arrested is beyond me. I don’t care how good you think your art is, you are still going to jail for being an idiot. 

Just save your time and pick up something not written by a rich valley girl.

Like, you know, whatever!


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