Wild Beauty – Anna-Marie McLemore


A beautiful story about the lengths one will go to keep the things and the people they love safe.

Summary: Estrella is a Nomeolvides woman. These women tend to the gardens of La Pradera, blooming exquisite flowers that burst from their hands. Estrella and her cousins are destined to tend to the gardens their whole lives, or otherwise face a devastating fate. And if these girls love someone too deeply, their lovers vanish. After all the girls fall in love with the same person, a wish brings the girls a gift they never saw coming: a boy who does not remember his name or his past. But this boy will help piece together the mysteries of La Pradera and what it means to love someone too deeply. Anna-Marie McLemore is a master storyteller who brings a lush story about family and loss and what it means to love someone with all your heart.

This intriguing and beautifully written story is one that cannot be described in just one word. Anna-Marie McLemore’s story is pure magic, one that will leave you speechless and wanting to bottle and savor her words for the rest of your life. Anna-Marie’s writing is so captivating and addictive, it’s hard not to notice the magic her words bring to the story and to the world around us.

The aspect of love in this story is strong and beautiful and realistic. The lengths Estrella and her family go to protect their loved ones demonstrates what anyone would do for the people they love. The romantic love in this story is only a part of the story, and I enjoyed how the focus of the story was not just on the romance between the characters but on what it means to be a family.

There are not enough words in the dictionary to give this beautiful book justice. Anna-Marie’s writing is such a treat, and I will definitely be reading her other work. This is a wonderfully crafted story you will not want to miss. Wild Beauty comes out in September, so remember to pick up this magical tale!


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