The Map That Leads To You- JP Monninger 

“Have you ever heard someone say that books are places we visit and that when we run into people who have read the books we have read, it’s the same as if we have traveled to the same locations? We know something about them because they have lived in the same worlds we have lived. We know what they live for.”

Thanks, Kelly S. (One of my favorite people) for an arc copy of this book!!

I had a weird feeling going through this book that the end was going to make everything better, that I was going to cry my eyes out and then have to explain to everyone at work why I was blubbering like a baby while sick. But it didn’t happen. It reads just like a Nicolas Sparks novel and I didn’t lose it once. Disappointment over not crying has finally set in. What is life?

Heather and her two best friends just graduated from college. They had made summer plans to travel through Europe before they officially have to become adults. They will leave all their cares behind and enjoy the single life in a different country. 

Heather got a prestigious job with Bank of America but needs to release some steam before she makes the move to New York and work becomes everything she breathes. 

And off they go on an adventure of a lifetime. The sights and sounds are even better than what they ever could have imagined. 

No one knew that getting on a train to Amsterdam would change all of their lives. And I’m not sure which way it will turn. Heather meets a man who looks like Hugh Jackman and his smile melts her insides completely. They strike up a conversation and fate was on her side today. 

Jack is traveling the Europe countryside living through a journal that his Grandfather had written after the second World War. He wants to see things his Grandfather has seen and live those experiences in his memory. He invites Heather along and she agrees with every ounce of her being. Smitten isn’t the word here, it’s so much more and they both know it. 

As they travel and their love grows fonder with every day, Heather just has this feeling that Jack might be hiding something but doesn’t want this perfect memory to evaporate over a paranoia.

But Jack is hiding something. Plans that were talked about might come to a crashing halt if secrets are spilled. Will this end something so beautiful that has just started to bloom? 

This was such a romantic and loving book. I just didn’t care for the ending. I wanted whimsical. Something that would knock my breath away, something that I could dream about and be jealous of. I can’t decide if it was sweet or just highly annoying. The characters names were a tad bit on the boring side. I just figured that with a story like this that the names would be more memorable. 

Besides all those petty and low key complaints, this was an enjoyable book. Not sure I took anything away from this besides that Men can be pretty arrogant. I would still recommend this book for people who believe in fate and that love can cure all.

Not go out and find your Jack or Heather!


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