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I was tagged by the lovely 3yellowdaisies to take part in this tag. Thank you so much for tagging me. Please check out her blog and show her some love! 

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Overall, how are you handling the quarantine?

Quarantine isn’t much different for me since I’m still going to work and I’m continuing to read a lot. The only things that have changed is my shopping habits. I don’t go shopping as much as I did and all of my trips were postponed until it is safe to travel again. 

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Have you violated any of the restrictions? If yes, what rule(s) did you break?

I’m really proud of this one. I have not broken any of the rules. I’ve been wearing my mask everywhere, it goes on as soon as I head out the door. I’m washing my hands constantly, I carry hand sanitizer with me at all times, and I’m keeping my distance from just about everyone.

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What viral recipes have you tried during the lockdown?

I hate to say this but I really haven’t changed my cooking habits since lockdown has occurred. I haven’t tried anything fun that I’ve been seeing on Instagram but I want to.

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What activities have you missed the most during quarantine?

I miss being able to go anywhere at any time of day. But what I miss the most is being able to travel to see my family and friends. 

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Do you wear a mask when you leave the house?

Yes! I wear a mask everywhere. It goes on as soon as I leave the house. I even carry a Ziploc baggie full of clean masks with me at all times. 

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Are you an essential worker? If yes, what is your job title?

Technically, I don’t think that my job is really essential. I’m a full-time Librarian. We stayed open for the most part during the Quarantine months but we did close down for a few weeks per the Governor’s orders. 

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How do you exercise during the lockdown?

Well, since my mood has been down, not much exercising has been happening. That has currently changed though. I recently purchased an exercise bike and I plan on getting some small weights to exercise with.

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Have you subscribed to any new subscription services since the lockdown started?

Yes, my Husband and I subscribed to Hulu. It had a lot of shows that we wanted to catch up on on there.

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What did/does your daily schedule look like before the pandemic started?

I can’t really say a lot has changed except for the mask wearing and the constant hand washing. But I don’t work as many hours at work as I did and I don’t go shopping as often. 

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Do you think that the pandemic is getting better or worse?

I think that it is getting worse. Not everyone in the city I live is following the rules and guidelines for keeping everyone virus free and healthy. Some stores aren’t enforcing the mask rule and that plays a big part into things not getting better. Plus there are some people out in this world who are making fun of others for wearing a mask. That never helps any situation. It’s just pathetic.

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What have you learnt/became grateful for during the lockdown?

I’ve enjoyed spending time with my Husband and dog, Lou. Our bonds grew closer the more time we spent together. And a weird thing that I learned was how often that I touch my face, it’s truly scary.

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How do you think the world should learn from this pandemic so that things are better in the future?

I think this is a great opportunity for all of us to learn from our mistakes. Maybe we need to learn to listen better to who knows how the virus works and follow the guidelines to keep everyone safe. We need to enforce complete shutdowns and make sure that everyone has the means to survive during that time. We also need better communication!!

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