It’s Monday, What Are You Reading? 12/27/21

Good morning and happy Monday.

I hope everyone had a great weekend and a fantastic holiday.

I spent the day with my dog, Lou and we watched some Christmas horror films.

This week I plan on reading a cute picture book about a little witch, a teen book that I picked up at Dollar Tree, and a classic book that I received as a Christmas gift.

What are you reading this week?

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Little Witch Hazel: A Year in the Forest- Phoebe Wahl

56200635. sx318 An earthy and beautiful collection of four stories that celebrate the seasons, nature, and life, from award-winning author-illustrator Phoebe Wahl.

Little Witch Hazel is a tiny witch who lives in the forest, helping creatures big and small. She’s a midwife, an intrepid explorer, a hard worker and a kind friend.

In this four-season volume, Little Witch Hazel rescues an orphaned egg, goes sailing on a raft, solves the mystery of a haunted stump and makes house calls to fellow forest dwellers. But when Little Witch Hazel needs help herself, will she get it in time?

Little Witch Hazel is a beautiful ode to nature, friendship, wild things and the seasons that only Phoebe Wahl could create: an instant classic and a book that readers will pore over time and time again.


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When the Light Went Out- Bridget Morrissey


Five years after the accidental shooting of Marley Bricket, her friends, who were there the day she died, reunite when a box of letters from Marley is found in her former home. The discovery leads them on a scavenger hunt that reopens old memories, wounds, and betrayals, and leads them to question what they thought they knew about Marley’s death.


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The Virgin Suicides- Jeffrey Eugenides

57932777. sy475 Introducing the Collins Modern Classics, a series featuring some of the most significant books of recent times, books that shed light on the human experience – classics which will endure for generations to come.

That girl didn’t want to die. She just wanted out of that house. She wanted out of that decorating scheme.

The five Lisbon sisters – beautiful, eccentric, and, now, gone –had always been a point of obsession for the entire neighborhood.

Although the boys that once loved them from afar have grown up, they remain determined to understand a tragedy that has defied explanation. The question persists – why did all five of the Lisbon girls take their own lives?

This lyrical and timeless tale of sex and suicide that transforms and mythologizes suburban middle-American life announced the arrival of one of the greatest American novelists of the last thirty years.

‘A flare from my own secret world, all the inchoate longings, and obsessions of being a teenager somehow rendered into book form’ Emma Cline, author of The Girls


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There is nothing better than a great cup of coffee and an even better book.

2 thoughts on “It’s Monday, What Are You Reading? 12/27/21

  1. Oh nice! Those are new to me ones. I’m trying to read as many short books as I can this week to up my Goodreads game! I met my goal, but I’m so closer to my old numbers I’m digging through my TBR looking for short reads! Lol! Happy Reading this week!

    Here’s my Monday Wrap-up

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower 🙂

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