Windfall by Jennifer E smith

What would you buy if you won the lottery? If I won I would buy a small little house, I don’t need big places,season tickets to devils, and nicer sports car. I don’t need much to make me happy. And just buy books and sit and read all day.  But onto the story this book is about a girl named Alice short though Ali, she buys her best friend (teddy) for his 18 birthday a lottery ticket since come on what’s the odds and was meant to be really funny joke kind of thing since they don’t gamble. Well it wins. So they win 141 million dollars after taxes it’s 81 million dollars. That money has just changed teddy’s life since his mom does over nights at hospitial just cover costs when teddys dad leaves the family after gambled all of families wages away. Will teddy change from so broke can’t even do anything to a snobbish little kid? Plus Ali has a secret she has been keeping from Teddy. She just doesn’t have the guts to tell him that she loves him. 

So what I thought of the book is. Even before they win the lottery teddy can be good at times but I felt he is so self centered. Alice tries to get his attention on things and just ignores her and she is just way to good for him and it’s a dumb dumb for even liking him.  So I did not like this relationship much. Teddy is just to immature and felt Alice had mother him for every little thing. And always there for him and he never sees it. As can see just made me annoyed. But things I did enjoy my first novel from her but heard she really encorporates family issues and outside stuff besides the whole contempory romance part and seemed to write that better so maybe I’d try some of her passed writing but for now not impressed. 3/5 stars ~~~ JUSTIN 

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